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About  Harald Lassen 

Harald Lassen(b.13.mars 1987) is a Norwegian saxophone player, singer and composer, and child of the highly creative jazz scene in Oslo. In addition to leading his own band LASSEN he plays in indie jazz outfit Pixel, the innovative duo Duplex and the psychedelic "must see!" orchestra Dr. Kay And His Interstellar Tone Scientists. He was picked up at an early age by the legendary bass player Arild Andersen and drummer Jon Christensen. In recent years he has been working with musicians such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Morten Qvenild, Beady Belle, Ellen Andrea Wang, Bendik Baksaas, Mats Eilertsen, LABtrio, Elliot Galvin, Mohamed Issa Matona and Per Oddvar Johansen among many others. He´s also playing with Norwegian pop sensation No. 4. 

Lassen has worked with African musicians and dancers in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda. In 2013 Lassen moved to Zanzibar for a periode to teach and build up a jazz department for young music students at Dhow Countries Music Academy. He is also the founder of the lable Hagen Recordings where he released his debut album as a leader "Rainbow Session" in 2016.

CONTACT: haraldlassen (at) // +4790961588


Photo: James Drew Turner

Photo: James Drew Turner


After releasing his very personal debut album "Rainbow Session" with renown Belgian band LABtrio, Lassen has continuing to develop his music with a brand new line up ideally suited for this music; LABtrio's Bram De Looze (piano) and a new explosive Norwegian rhythm section consisting of Stian Andersen (bass) &  Tore Flatjord (drums). The out fit plays original music inspired by impressionism, the 70s and Lassen's life so far. Common for all four musicians is the love of good melodies, the importance of jazz history paid with an unmatched need to explore. 

Photo: Hilde Unosen

Photo: Hilde Unosen


Throughout the last 6 years and their three albums, Pixel has established themselves as one of the leading innovators on the European pop and jazz scene. Playing for sold-out venues across Europe, they continuously push the limits for what a jazz band can be and never stop looking for new ways to tear down the walls between the musical genres of pop and jazz.

Ellen Andrea Wang; bass & vocal,  Jonas Vemøy: trumpet & vocal, Harald Lassen; sax & vocal, Jon Audun Baar; drums

Photo: Kristoffer Eikrem 

Photo: Kristoffer Eikrem 


Duplex represents an unconventional line-up with a distinctive and unique expression: A transparent, organic and lyrical sound scape with a mutual emphasis on composition and improvisation, form and content. Two playful musicians that are not afraid of challenging each other or the audience, who think beyond their respective instruments in order to pay justice to the most important thing: the music itself.

Christian Meaas Svendsen; bass & vocal, Harald Lassen; sax & vocal