LASSEN - "Eventyrer" (NEW!)

EVENTYRER cover.jpg
EVENTYRER cover.jpg

LASSEN - "Eventyrer" (NEW!)


Format: Vinyl


Official release: September 14

Produced by: Harald Lassen

Personell: Bram De Looze(pn,keys), Stian Andersen(bs), Tore Flatjord(dr), Harald Lassen(sax,voc), +Clifton Harrydass(steel drum)

“EVENTYRER -this is hybrid jazz improvisation, dipping into countless musical pools, creating wholly new sounds. However, leaving aside the inventiveness and will to explore unusual combinations, the album demonstrates how such experimentation can be a melodic adventure for the listener as well as the players. "I try to find a vibe, an atmosphere or a feeling. To me music is about feelings, energy, and connection between musicians and audience," says Harald Lassen. The players themselves deliver performances that accentuate and enhance the compositional journey perfectly”

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