SALE! Harald Lassen – Rainbow Session

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SALE! Harald Lassen – Rainbow Session

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Format: LP, CD, Digital, Streaming

Label: Hagen Recordings

Released: October 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered: Rainbow Studios, Jan Erik Kongshaug/Peer Espen Ursfjord

Cover painting: Harald Lassen

Produced by: Harald Lassen

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Harald Lassen released his album ”Rainbow Session” with Belgian musicians Lander Gyselinck(dr), Anneleen Boehme(bs) and Bram De Looze(pn), also known as LABtrio  – currently one of the major talking points in European jazz. ”Rainbow Session” is a very personal album which is not only referering to where the music was recorded – but also Haralds life so far and various events in recent years. Even the cover art is painted by Harald himself.  

«I’m always trying to challenge myself and try to avoid being too comfortable. To invite a musicians I´d never met before and who had no idea about me and my music to do a tour was kind of crazy. Not having control and being vulnerable is essential for me in jazz music.”

By a coincidence Lassen heard Lander, Anneleen and Bram in Sweden in 2014; 

They totally blew me away with their interaction and musicality. I decided immediately; them or no one!»

May 2016 the trio joined Lassen for a tour in Norway. The entire album was recorded on the second day on the road, during a five hour session in legendary Rainbow Studios in Oslo. Just like Lassen’s musical background and career, Rainbow Session is a collection of varied music focusing on strong compositions inspired by impressionistic and classical music, major chords, the 70´s and life so far.

“The most important thing for me is to be personal, both through titles and through the music. The strongest composition in this project is Anneleen, Bram, Lander and I. We are the music.”



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