Harald Lassen New Quartet touring Norway and London

Happy to announce the first tour with Harald Lassen New Quartet. 5 gigs in Norway and 3 gigs in London

After recording and releasing Rainbow Session with renown Belgian band LABtrio, I have continued to develop the music with a brand new line up ideally suited for this music; LABtrio's BRAM DE LOOZE piano  and a new explosive Norwegian rhythm section consisting of STIAN ANDERSEN bass & TORE FLATJORD drums. The music is inspired by impressionism, the 70s and my life so far.  Common for all four of us is the love of good melodies, the importance of jazz history paid with an unmatched need to explore. HOPE TO SEE YOU!

15.03 - Toneheim folkehøgskole, Hamar
16.03 - Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo
17.03 - Dokkhuset Scene. Tr.Heim
18.03 - Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen
22.03 - Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club,(warm up) London (6pm)
22.03 - The Spice of Life - Soho, London (8pm)
23.03 - Gallery Café, London (split m. Jonathan Chung Quartet)
20.07 - Molde International Jazz Festival - offisiell side