R.I.P. Harald Lassen New Quartet. Long live LASSEN!

We´re changing our band name! Harald Lassen New Quartet will from now on be called LASSEN. Short, hot and sexy:)The fun thing is that the meaning of "lassen" in German is "to let" which I find quite poetic and it fits well with the vibe of the band and our music. The original name felt more like buiIding up my own name and carrier - too much ME ME ME - rather than creating something together. LASSEN feels more like a band - which it is. I believe in the fellowship and community in music and improvisation. Not the individuals. It's interesting and a bit depressing to see how focused the jazz scene is on individuals and their names - which is kind of a paradox when you think about the core of this music - the collective improvisation and interplay.

Anyway - luckily there will be no other changes (except from ongoing development in the music).  Still the best line up ever with Bram De Looze, Stian Andersen and Tore Flatjord