Jon Audun Baar

PIXEL releasing new live video

Pixel just released a new live music video for our song "Slinky". Some months ago we went to a building at Frysja in Oslo and we recorded different songs in this beautiful painted hall. Few weeks later this art center and building was demolished because our government rather would have soulless apartments than art centers in our city:/ We're happy we got to record our songs at Frysja and we hope that you like them! First out: Slinky. Enjoy!
(For some reason it can be a bit out of sync if you use Safari)

Pixel performs the song "Slinky" from the album "Golden Years" (Cuneiform Records, 2015) at Frysja i Oslo, Norway Video by Revers Produksjon. Jonas Kilmork Vemøy // Ellen Andrea Wang // Harald Lassen // Jon Audun Baar